Magnus Macfarlane

Christ Church Accredited

Magnus Macfarlane

Each tour for each guest is very special.

I aim at being engaging, entertaining, interactive and stimulating.

What previous guests say "magnificent in every way" "He has deep insights"  "Oxford comes alive with his stories, jokes and acting" ’there is something special around every corner" "Absolutely fantastic". “fun, interesting and accommodating” …“knowledgeable, enthusiastic and entertaining”…’he’s a wonderful story teller’…. ‘the perfect mix of history, tales, and knowledge’ … ‘extraordinarily entertaining’. ‘…light, witty and wise’.

Take your pick of what you want to include in your tour: the University, history, traditions, literature, colleges, buildings, the library, film, exhibitions, museums, religion and politics but above all in a “light witty and wise” way.

Specialist tours: Morse, Lewis and Endeavour and Ghost tours.

Magnus Macfarlane

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