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All our guides offer the most popular tour for visitors:

A Walking Tour of the University and City

Simply scroll through the Guides below to find the right person for you.
This tour typically lasts around 2 hours and, when possible, includes a visit to one of our historic colleges.
A private tour will be tailored to suit you and your group.

Many of our Guides also offer themed tours and a selection of those are featured below. Simply click on the tour you'd like to do, chose a language, and guides available will be listed. Alternatively, you can use the contact form here to narrow down your search for a guide by date availability.

David Crosby
Let me take you on an entertaining, fun, and informative walking tour in the historic heart of Oxford. I have a passion for storytelling and will give you the inside story on the university and town’s traditions and most colourful characters. You will journey through the gates and inside one of University’s famous colleges. Experience the wonderful...
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Bella Henman
Bella Henman
I graduated in History and History of Art and worked in publishing before training to become a guide in 2012. I loved learning about the fascinating City and University of Oxford and exploring the beautiful Colleges and enjoy passing my enthusiasm and interest on to others. My particular interests are Art, History, Architecture and Literature but I...
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Joanna Hamilton
Joanna Hamilton
Having spent most of my life in Oxford it is a joy to be part of the accredited guiding community. I know all the facts and figures but offer visitors a ‘tailored’ experience. My particular interests might be the history, literature and architecture of Oxford, but Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, pubs and punting feature too. I work with private groups,...
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Lucy Gasson
Lucy Gasson
Exploring the hidden curiosities of Oxford is my passion! I have two degrees from Oxford University and I’ve lived here almost 30 years. I’ve also nearly ten years’ experience guiding visitors of all ages and nationalities (including those with special needs). Come on a tour with me and it will be my pleasure to share with you my favourite stories and...
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William Underhill
An Oxford graduate, my interest in the city’s history and heritage began as a student. On leaving university, I qualified as a barrister but went on to work as a journalist, writing for a wide range of publications including Newsweek, The Guardian and The Economist both in Britain and abroad. Almost 20 years ago I settled in Oxford with my family and...
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Arabella Campbell
I have lived in the city of Oxford and surrounding area for over 35 years and much enjoy showing visitors around this beautiful city. I have a particular interest in art, architecture and the cultural highlights of this unique city and studied History of Art at Oxford. In addition to city and university tours, I also offer bespoke tours for individual...
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Alastair Lack
I was an undergraduate at University College Oxford where I read history.  I then had a career at the BBC, mainly working for the World Service.  My wife and I moved to Oxford in 2001 when I became Head of Oxford University Alumni Office. I then qualified as a Green Badge Guide for Oxford and the University.  I enjoy leading a variety of walking tours...
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Peter Woodman
Peter Woodman
Greetings! I'm Peter, your personal guide to the fascinating world of Oxford. With more than 10 years’ experience leading tours across the UK & Ireland, I'm an expert at connecting with people of all ages and backgrounds, and leading fun and engaging tours for groups both small and large. Oxford's history truly excites me, and I became a walking...
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Martyn Sene
Martyn Sené
I first came to Oxford as a student and was seduced by this wonderful city; one of the great historic cities of the world. I have lived locally for all but a few years since I graduated. After a career in scientific research, and senior leadership roles in science organisations, I now love showing visitors and locals around Oxford. I aim to inform,...
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Tabby for guild
Tabby Lucas
I was born and grew up in Oxford and my family roots in the city date back over 100 years. It would be a pleasure to share with you my love of this beautiful university city by designing a tour specially tailored to suit your interests. As well as being a Green Badge Guide for Oxford I am also a Blue Badge Tourist Guide for the Heart of England. I can...
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Vicky Bailey
I've been leading tours for almost 20 years as a very enthusiastic London Blue Badge and now Oxford Green Badge Guide! I'm a real history buff and have written a short book on the kings and queens of this country. My special subjects include Egyptology, literary tours in Oxford and Oxford in the Civil War. I love showing visitors around and revealing...
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Rebecca White
I have been working in the travel industry for over 30 years and have had the privilege of escorting tour groups to over 100 countries, mostly during my time working on board cruise ships. I have returned home and am now proudly a fully qualified Green Badge Tour Guide for the City of Oxford. I am also accredited to guide in the college of Christ Church. My...
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Sean Callery
Hello! I have lived in the beautiful Cotswolds for 30 years and I love sharing its stories and sights. I used to write children’s books [search on Amazon for my 60+ publications] and I’m an ex-teacher. I love finding ways to present stories and facts in a stimulating and accessible way. I’ve written a book about the quirky, fun things in the area. I’m...
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Victoria Bentata Azaz
I am a graduate of both Oxford’s universities with degrees in Modern Languages and in History and give general introductory tours of the City and University as well as specialist tours. My particular interests are in Literature, Architecture, History of Medicine and Science, the Civil War, Oxford’s Women and Oxford’s Jewish Heritage, as well as the...
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Bryan Hartly
Bryan Hartley
I first fell in love with Oxford when I was a student here and it has been home for 35 years. It’s a privilege to share my city with visitors from both near and far. I aim to make my tours flexible, informative and importantly - fun. My guiding interests range from architecture, the arts and culture, through to the history and modern-day workings of...
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Jess Baudet
Hello and Bonjour! My name is Jess and I am a French national living and working in Oxford. I have been here for over ten years, working in tourism; initially at the Visitor Information Centre and now at Oxford University’s famous Library, the Bodleian. I am a professionally qualified Green Badge Guide, and I specialise in accompanying French-speaking...
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Ian MItchell
Ian Mitchell
On retiring from lecturing at Oxford Brookes University I took history courses at Oxford University and qualified as a Bodleian and Green Badge Guide. I love the fascinating history and glorious beauty of Oxford. I provide general tours where we walk in the footsteps of authors and their fictional characters, scientists, politicians, world leaders,...
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Felicity Lewington
Felicity Lewington
I aim to provide “light bulb” moments of “I didn’t know that”! My tours are a mixture of fun contemporary facts, plus the fascinating history of the ancient city of Oxford. I am flexible, and tailor make my tours to suit visitors from the UK and abroad. I want to ensure that for you Oxford is a memorable visit. I specialise in the following: General...
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Susannah Sallé
I grew up in a village just outside Oxford, spent all my school years here, and after university studies in Leeds, London, Florence and Montpellier, I returned to my roots! After several years’ work in the publishing industry, I have been dovetailing freelance editing with tours of Oxford in English and French for over 10 years. I get a buzz from sharing...
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Hannah Field
Hannah Field
I was born and grew up in Oxford. Having travelled the world, I returned home and that’s when my passion for this city really blossomed. I realised how lucky I am to live here so I wanted to share my city with other people. I am a qualified green badge guide for Oxford. I love sharing the general history of Oxford as well as creating bespoke tours for...
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Helen Smith
Helen Smith
I have a history background and a love of literature, art and architecture. I am a qualified guide for Oxford and the Heart of England. I am friendly and flexible, able to tailor tours to different ages and interests, such as J R R Tolkien and C S Lewis, the Pre-Raphaelites, The Wesleys and Methodism, filming and Harry Potter.
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Susanne Addis
Oxford has been my home of choice for nearly 25 years and I have been a Guide since 2015. My excitement and love for all things Oxford comes to life during my walking tours. I am bilingual English/German and hold degrees in English as well as Social Sciences, an area I work in when I am not guiding. Having grown up outside the UK, my interests include...
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Sandra Bingham
Sandra Bingham
I love showing visitors around Oxford, its iconic buildings and ancient colleges and sharing stories about its traditions and characters. I have studied at both the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University and enjoyed successful careers in teaching and as an Assistant Director of Education. I am now a trainer of tour guides accredited by the...
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Verity Tiff
Verity Tiff
Following a career in Science Education working, with all age groups from reception to adults, including children and young adults with Special Educational Needs I trained as a Blue Badge Guide for the Heart of England Region in 2015. Since 2016 I have been leading walking tours and providing coach commentaries throughout the region, which includes...
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Guy Collins
Guy Collins
Oxford is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world, and I would be delighted to show you round and introduce you to the fascinating cast of characters that have shaped its development. My walks cover 1,000 years of history from Oxford’s Saxon and Norman origins through the founding of the mediaeval colleges, the religious turbulence...
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Isabella Underhill
Isabella Underhill
My family roots in Oxford and Oxfordshire go back several generations. I arrived in the city as a child; my mother’s family came to farm in the late 19th century. I spent much of my childhood living first in the city itself, later in a village to the west of the county. I attended school here before leaving to pursue a degree in History of Art and Italian...
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Ben Lawson
Oxford and it’s lesser-known stories can definitely raise a smile! I make use of my background in television comedy and radio production with the BBC to create fun and engaging experiences for all ages. I was born in Oxford, so have the knowledge to tailor tours to best suit your needs. My introductory tour covers Oxford’s present connections to the...
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Steve Roth
A former journalist, I've spent my life telling stories. I love history; embrace the bizarre; thrill to tales of adventure; and am particularly fond of myths and legends. An experienced Oxford guide, with a friendly, easy-going style, I'll lead you on an entertaining journey through Oxford's long, eventful and sometimes strange history. I'll not only...
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Lucy Rundle
Lucy Rundle
Hello and welcome! Born and brought up in Oxford, I have a deep-rooted connection to this historic city, and a passion for creating unique and engaging tours. It wasn’t until I returned to Oxford, after a stint abroad and in the drinks industry, that I came back and really saw the city I was so accustomed to. So, I bring a fresh perspective on this...
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Elizabeth Hudson Evans
I have been working as a professional Guide in Oxford for 11years. I was born and brought up in Scotland. Previously I was an actress working mostly in the theatre, including London's West End, but gave it up to bring up my five children. I love Oxford and now live nearby in the Cotswolds. I love guiding and meet so many interesting people from all...
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Sara Fletcher
Sara Fletcher
I am an historian with a passion for the stories of people past and present. My love of Oxford began when I studied at Brasenose College, one of the 39 University colleges. I enjoy spending time here; staying on my narrowboat in Jericho, a vibrant suburb that extends along the Oxford Canal. Come on a tour and let me share with you Oxford’s fascinating...
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Sophie Duncan
I graduated in History and Art History in the 1980’s. After a lifetime spent in rural France where our family business welcomed tourists, I returned to Oxford and was delighted to continue working in a historical milieu. Oxford has the advantage of offering so much to see on a relaxed walk through the city and its parks. The architecture and artefacts...
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Jamie Graham
Jamie Graham
I enjoy listening to what’s wanted and then delivering my tours with stories, knowledge, humour and in a light hearted way. My experience in the past 5 years includes walking tours of Oxford, lectures, guiding tours of the Cotswolds and further afield to places such as Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Stratford and Bath. I specialise in theme tours of Downton...
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Iain stevenson
Iain Stevenson
I was a student here, I read Modern Languages at Jesus College, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree (BA), then my MA, Master of Arts. I was at school in Oxford too, and I live in the centre, truly a local. My tours tend to focus on University and College life, with a wealth of authentic and personal stories about Oxford, past and present. They...
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Erica pic 8
Erica Kendall
I love taking visitors and residents round this fabulous city. My tours are lively, entertaining and full of fascinating detail and anecdote. History and architecture are my specialisms and I can tailor a tour to your interests. As a Cambridge graduate, member of the Oxford Union, and part-time librarian at the Bodleian, I am familiar with the strange...
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Rob Walters
Rob Walters
I have been showing people around Oxford for a good while now and I actually live in the centre of this city that I love. I like all of my tours to be interactive and fun, yet full of interesting facts. You can see me in action on my YouTube Channel. Just search for Robs Oxford or go to my website where you can also see the books that I have written...
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Guy Fairbank
Guy Fairbank
History fanatic and a bit of an actor, I’ve been a tour guide since 2015. As well as having the pleasure of taking you around the delights of Oxford I’m also a London Blue Badge Guide based in London, so I can help you make the most of your stay in the UK, as I can combine tours of Oxford with other sites in SE England. Let me help you put together...
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Jess All Souls small
Jess Worth
I will help you make the most of your time in Oxford! I've lived here for over 25 years and as an award-winning Green Badge Oxford tour guide, I love sharing my enthusiasm for our stunning city's history, culture and green spaces - and its many eccentric inhabitants. I have a degree in History/English Literature and a Masters in International Relations,...
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Jane Mead
Jane Mead
I love showing visitors this amazing city and bringing it alive with stories of the many individuals past & present, real & fictional, who have strolled around its streets, colleges, and quads. I specialise in: C S Lewis & J R R Tolkien’s Oxford – the places where they and their friends studied, worked and relaxed, the influences on their...
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Anne Roberts
I have a passion and talent for storytelling, and I really enjoy sharing Oxford’s exciting history and traditions with visitors of all ages. I will give you the true stories, rumours and gossip on the university’s traditions and most lively and interesting characters. Oxford is a magical city. It has impressive buildings, with colleges dating from 800...
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Kate Billimore
Kate Billimore
I enjoy leading general tours around the city, as well as offering specialist tours in Science, Film Sites, the Downton Abbey Era, Basic English, Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland. I am also a trainer of tour guides, accredited by the Institute of Tourist Guiding. A Linguistics graduate and musician, when I'm not leading walking tours, I’m to be...
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Magnus Macfarlane
Magnus Macfarlane
Each tour for each guest is very special. I aim at being engaging, entertaining, interactive and stimulating. What previous guests say "magnificent in every way" "He has deep insights"  "Oxford comes alive with his stories, jokes and acting" ’there is something special around every corner" "Absolutely fantastic". “fun, interesting and accommodating”...
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Isobel Lewis
Isobel Lewis
I have worked in travel for over 30 years and have a great passion for history, culture and fun. I enjoy entertaining guests with the history but also stories and anecdotes about the people and places that make Oxford into such a fascinating city. I deliver tours in English and French of Oxford and its University and themed tours around Alice in Wonderland,...
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Brian Lowe
Following a career in the Royal Navy and subsequently in professional photography, my deep-rooted interest in history led me to train as an Oxford Guide, and I qualified in 2005. Since then, I have been privileged to accompany very many people around this wonderful city of Oxford, sharing with them my knowledge of both the city and the University. I...
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Genny Ramirez
Genny Ramirez
My walks weave together the threads that make Oxford unique, from History, politics and wizardry, to science, music and gardens. Together, we'll explore grand university buildings, quiet lanes and secret passages. I love sharing the quirks of both town - the city where I live - and gown - the University, where I studied. Whilst French is my mother...
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Christine Bainbridge
Let me be your guide through the history of the city and its university, exploring it through the eyes of an astonishing cast of characters from times gone by. Each tour will view the iconic buildings of Oxford’s world-famous university and you discover out how a college works. There will be plenty of stories, anecdotes and traditions about those who...
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sally Jenkins
Sally Jenkins
I studied Modern Languages at Cambridge University, then moved to Oxford, where I trained as a Blue Badge Guide. I have been guiding in this lovely city for many years, and also work as a tour manager overseas. I offer tours in French and Spanish as well as English. In addition to general tours, I offer tours with an emphasis on children’s literature,...
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Nic Linton​
Nic Linton
Hello. I moved back to ‘the city of dreaming spires’ ten years ago, after twenty years of organising tours throughout China. My international experience means that I am comfortable guiding in English at all levels, from language schools through to corporate conference groups. I have a master’s degree in English and enjoy using Oxford’s fictional heritage...
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